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Geoffrey Berg

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This is the text of a letter recently sent by Geoffrey Berg to Catholic Cardinals and Anglican (Episcopalian) Archbishops:

The letter has received acknowledgement from the offices of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the archbishop of brisbane australia and Cardinal Ouellet of Quebec.

Dear Prelate,

As author of new logical arguments which either show why people should not believe in the existence of God or in some cases actually logically disprove the existence of God, I write to ask that your church modernises. In particular its ministers should stop acting like fake spiritualist mediums pretending to communicate with another realm beyond human understanding but instead adapt to the current intellectual world.

As indicated there are many logical reasons why God should not be believed in and I enclose a complimentary copy of my book ‘The Six Ways Of Atheism’ (published earlier this year) to fully inform you of them. However to put the simplest logical argument humans, all humans are mortal but any monotheistic God would have to be immortal. No person – not even an archbishop, the pope, the prophets or even St Paul or Christ himself, let alone any ordinary parish priest – could possibly know whether any entity he thinks he is in communication with is actually immortal and is actually God. Any such entity might well die long after the archbishop, prophet, priest or supposed messiah has died, as no mortal can distinguish between the very long lived and the immortal. (In fact not even any potentially immortal entity can logically possibly know for certain whether it is genuinely immortal or whether it too will die, perhaps suddenly, at some time in the future!) So no mortal human could ever rationally distinguish between a supremely powerful, eternal God and a merely very powerful but mortal local potentate in our region of the Universe! To claim otherwise is to act like a mere spiritualist medium. Even many mediums don’t themselves believe they are fakes but are merely self-deluded and trying to delude others: whether their intentions are good or not they are still in the business of delusion. The same applies to your churches at the moment: all mortal priests are being fundamentally dishonest whether intentionally or unintentionally in claiming to know they are in communion with an immortal God.

When one realises this one realises that the essential link in religions, that of mortal Man being able to identify and recognise any immortal God is broken. There can be no certain link between the mortal and the immortal. There are in fact insoluble identification problems with any supposed God – God cannot be identified with confidence by humans, indeed in fact by anything, including even by any potential God! That gulf, that disconnect between the mortal and the immortal leaves a chasm in any doctrine of God that cannot honestly be bridged. So the chain of authority (from ‘God’ to ‘mankind’) in any church or any monotheistic religion is broken. Nor can this damage credibly be repaired by ‘faith’ when one considers that in the universe there are likely to be many, many entities far more powerful than humans (without being God). Some of them would doubtless enjoy pretending to be God and parading as God to mortal lesser entities such as humans. So any claim to being God is far more likely to be fake than true – there might be many ‘pretender’ Gods but there is hypothetically at most one genuine God (and furthermore no honest entity could itself be sure it was immortal and God anyhow!).

Therefore I suggest that the only way to restore any semblance of integrity to the institution of the Church is to expel God from the churches, or more accurately to expel the notion of God from churches. Of course if this were done churches would have to downsize. Yet an element of them and some paid clergy might survive if they transformed themselves into exclusively social institutions (akin to Freemasons or Rotary Clubs) and perhaps purveyors of relatively inexpensive counselling services. Furthermore as they have inherited much of the graveyard provision market they might continue in the burial business as graveyard curators. (Humanist organisations could doubtless retrain priests in how to provide burial services without intellectually dishonest references to God.)

I trust these suggestions are useful in working out a transition for churches from a society where most people believed in God because they knew no better to a society in which God is being proved to be a fairytale and non-existent.

Yours sincerely,
Geoffrey Berg

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