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Geoffrey Berg

News........The Word Spreads

There are now numerous copies of The Six ways of Atheism stocked in public libraries across the English speaking world.

For Instance, in British public libraries it is the third most stocked book (after The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens).

This is ensuring that the Six ways of atheism is being widely read even though some library systems have as yet not taken any copies of the book into stock.

A recording of Geoffrey Berg's radio interview in the Sunday Sequence programme on Radio Ulster is now available on their website (under Special Features) .

Copies Available

The book 'The Six Ways of Atheism' can be ordered through this website at a cost of $14.50 plus postage and packing of $2.95 (US) OR £9.50 (Sterling) plus £1.95 postage and packing. Alternatively the book is available to order through all good bookstores.